At KDAB I juggle between multiple roles: I'm a consultant, developer, project manager and sales engineer at the same time. The work is usually centered all around Qt and C++.

As Directory of Technical Sales I'm responsible for first customer contact in the EMEA region: Gathering requirements from the customers, setting up contracts, preparing proposals, quotes and estimates is part of my daily routine now. Working hard to make handing over closed deals to our engineers a smooth process.

As part of my development work I regularly contribute to open-source projects such as the Qt framework, GammaRay, KDStateMachineEditor, Buildbot and a couple of others. I regularly hold talks at the various Qt-related conferences such as Qt World Summit (previously Qt Dev Days / QtCon) or smaller C++ related conferences such as emBO++ in 2017.

My project management duties span over several customer projects where I'm handling the communication with the customer and organization of our development teams.

See my full CV here on LinkedIn.