Hi, my name is Kevin Funk and I'm a Software & Sales Engineer working for KDAB (the Software Experts in Qt, C++ and 3D / OpenGL).

In 2008 I started studying Applied Computer Science at the FH Kaiserslautern and later Computer Science at the FU Berlin. I started hacking on computer programs in the early 2000s (first project was a comprehensive mIRC bot!) and then evolved to an avid C++ developer, mainly working with the lovely Qt framework. I'm part of the KDE community community, a collective of individuals dedicated to creating an open and user-friendly computing experience. These days I regularly contribute to open-source projects such as the Qt framework, KDE Frameworks, KDevelop, GammaRay and a couple of others.

On this page I'm mainly blogging about software development around Qt/KDE or C++ related topics.

Short bio


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My Expertise

Lead Sales Engineer @ KDAB

September 2010 - now

KDAB are the Software Experts in Qt, C++ and 3D / OpenGL:

At KDAB I juggle between multiple roles: I'm a consultant, developer, project manager and sales engineer at the same time.

As consultant I happen to work for a multitude of customers, either by visiting them on-site in workshops or by helping them out remotely. The work is usually centered all around Qt and C++.

As pure developer, I work on different KDAB-owned high-profile open-source research projects, such as GammaRay and KDStateMachineEditor, all tools which are widely used by the Qt community. Besides that I also manage a large-scale Continuous Integration setup at KDAB with around 400+ job configurations which ensures QA for many customer projects as well as internal projects.

As part of my work I regularly contribute to open-source projects such as the Qt framework, GammaRay, KDStateMachineEditor, Buildbot and a couple of others. I regularly hold talks at the various Qt-related conferences such as Qt World Summit (previously Qt Dev Days / QtCon) or smaller C++ related conferences such as emBO++ in 2017.

My project management duties span over a couple of internal projects as well as customer projects where I'm handling the customer communication and organization of the development team.

With my new role as sales engineer for the EMEA region I'm also responsible for first customer contact: Requirements engineering, setting up NDAs, MCAs, preparing quotes and estimates is part of my daily routine now. Working hard to make handing over closed deals to our engineers a smooth process.

University - Freie Universität Berlin

2011 – 2015

  • Department: Computer Science
  • Degree: Master of Computer Science
  • Main focus:
    • Compiler construction
    • Computer security
    • Telematics
  • Activities and Societies:
    • Krav Maga Defcon

University of Applied Sciences - FH Kaiserslautern

2008 – 2011

  • Department: Information Technology
  • Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.),
  • Activities and Societies:
    • UnixAG (local Linux User Group) - Role: Mail administration for AStA and other student unions / treasurer

A few of my talks

My Projects


2012 - now

Contributing to the open source IDE KDevelop, focussing on the Clang integration, cross-platform support and general QA (http://kdevelop.org/)

2006 - now

Supporting member of the KDE community (http://kde.org), helping out in various areas of the project, not just limited to contributing code.

Recent projects


Via KDAB: New IPC module framework QtRemoteObjects for the automotive sector. Worked on the module en bloc. Helped upstreaming it to Qt proper.


Via KDAB: Extra views written in Qt/QML for self-service terminals. Worked on server backend written in Qt processing XML data from external service and GUI bits.


Major efforts in preparing an initial version of KDevelop to other platforms such as OS X and Windows: https://www.kdevelop.org/sites/kdevelop.org/files/photos/kdev-win.png


Released KDStateMachineEditor, a framework for creating & viewing state charts. Used inside KDAB's GammaRay (a introspection tool for Qt applications) for real-time tracking of state machines embedded in Qt applications.


Participated in GSoC 2014 (https://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/homepage/google/gsoc2014) for streamlining the C/C++ support in KDevelop by integrating libclang (from LLVM) as parser backend. See blog series.


Implemented a full CBOR (RFC 7049 Concise Binary Object Representation) encoder/decoder in C as part of the RIOT operating system for heavily constrained nodes as part of a university research project. Implementation is covered by extensive unit tests. Also listed on the spec page: http://cbor.io/impls.html


Joined the KDE eV. (http://ev.kde.org/)


Via KDAB: Participated in the Valgrind plugin development for Qt Creator driven by KDAB. Main focus: Callgrind visualization: http://doc.qt.digia.com/qtcreator-2.3/creator-cache-profiler.html)

2006 - 2009

Amarok (https://amarok.kde.org/) bug triaging and minor feature development (KNotification backend)