I'm spending a fair amount of time contributing to open source projects. Mainly around the area of Qt/KDE and C++ but not limited to them.

My Projects


2012 - now | Contributing to the open source IDE KDevelop, focussing on the Clang integration, cross-platform support and general QA (

2006 - now | Supporting member of the KDE community (, helping out in various areas of the project, not just limited to contributing code.


2017 | Google Summer of Code (GSoC) as mentor. Contributing to the OpenSource IDE KDevelop, focussing on the Clang integration, cross-platform support and general QA

2015-2017 | Via KDAB: New IPC module framework QtRemoteObjects for the automotive sector. Worked on the module en bloc. Helped upstreaming it to Qt proper.

2015-2016 | Via KDAB: Extra views written in Qt/QML for self-service terminals. Worked on server backend written in Qt processing XML data from external service and GUI bits.

2015-2016 | Preparing an initial version of KDevelop to other platforms such as OS X and Windows. KDevelop was a purely Linux-centric IDE before.

2015 | Released KDStateMachineEditor, a framework for creating & viewing state charts. Used inside KDAB's GammaRay (a introspection tool for Qt applications) for real-time tracking of state machines embedded in Qt applications.

2014 | Participated in GSoC 2014 ( for streamlining the C/C++ support in KDevelop by integrating libclang (from LLVM) as parser backend. See blog series.

2014 | Implemented a full CBOR (RFC 7049 Concise Binary Object Representation) encoder/decoder in C as part of the RIOT operating system for heavily constrained nodes as part of a university research project. Implementation is covered by extensive unit tests. Also listed on the spec page:

2013 | Joined the KDE eV. (

2010 | Via KDAB: Participated in the Valgrind plugin development for Qt Creator driven by KDAB. Main focus: Callgrind visualization:

2006 - 2009 | Amarok ( bug triaging and minor feature development (KNotification backend)