I'm going^W^W I went to Randa

Hello World!

This is my very first *Amarok* specific blog post. Yay!

(Okay, admittedly I did not really blog at all since now. This will change now, of course!)

As you may know, I've been a rather semi-active Amarok contributor until now, hacking Amarok's codebase to improve the User Experience. My major *feature* contribution is the KNotify backend in Amarok (which of course is not the most crucial part of Amarok). Other than that I was mostly fixing bugs noone cared about or exceeded the patience of the average Amarok developer when trying to be solved. I think there's going to be more activity on this blog now, since I seem to get involved in Amarok more and more these days (which is exciting).

The past week I've been at Randa, the most important KDE Sprint this year, I guess.  To work on Amarok and KDE Multimedia in general. See http://community.kde.org/Sprints/Randa/2011 for hints an information about this event. The most important aspect of the meeting was the Platform 11 meeting of course, where the future of KDE with regards to Qt's Open Governance Process was discussed. This however, is not part of this blog, as I was not really involved in that discussion.

Let's talk about the work spent in Amarok land during the spring in Randa. We (mainly Mamarok and me) managed to close about 92 bugs according to her statistics. Of course most of them were duplicates or already fixed bugs by other commits. However, with a rough estimate: I think I managed to *fix* (as in: fix by committing something) about 10 more or less severe bugs and quite some other annoyances/glitches. Currently, our bug count in bugzilla (bugs.kde.org) is down to 210, an impressive good rate per LOC in open source software with a huge code base like Amarok has. This number refers to the currently open "malfunctions", e.g. no wishes or bugs marked with WAITINGFORINFO (see: https://bugs.kde.org/buglist.cgi?cmdtype=dorem&remaction=run&namedcmd=all%20open%20Amarok%20malfunctions&sharer_id=28959).

The Randa sprint has been an adventure this time which involved meeting new friends and meeting old ones. During the event Bart and me managed to work quite focussed on some issues regarding Amarok without being too distracted by other stuff. That was a really nice opportunity.

The list of commits that went into Amarok by me during the Randa sprint is listed here (42 commits during ~7days):

* e7666c2 - Minor: Fix typo in ChangeLog (2 days ago) <Kevin Funk>
* a4f56ea - Minor: Reduce header dependencies (4 days ago) <Kevin Funk>
* f716da8 - ChangeLog++ (Browser backgrounds) (4 days ago) <Kevin Funk>
* 7a39afb - Apply background images to the various browsers (4 days ago) <Kevin Funk>
* 3df0c45 - Minor: Collections: s/Counting/Counting.../ (4 days ago) <Kevin Funk>
* 83533cb - Add scripting interface for KNotify (4 days ago) <Kevin Funk>
* e43a711 - Use warning() for DEBUG_ASSERT (4 days ago) <Kevin Funk>
* 9320d5f - Pushing an example use of DEBUG_ASSERT (5 days ago) <Kevin Funk>
* 8737ace - Add another debug helper: DEBUG_ASSERT(cond, stmt) (5 days ago) <Kevin Funk>
* c8ef564 - Reset playlist error counter after match (5 days ago) <Kevin Funk>
* c4cceaf - Possible fix for crash in CV (5 days ago) <Kevin Funk>
* df9ec60 - Minor: Reformat code (5 days ago) <Kevin Funk>
* 01ed71d - Fix possible crash in VideoClipEngine (5 days ago) <Kevin Funk>
* fbbb47f - LyricsApplet: Disable scrolling when editing (5 days ago) <Kevin Funk>
* dfbf424 - Minor: Simplify some API in Albums applet (5 days ago) <Kevin Funk>
* 9aa81ce - Fix invokeMethod call to non-existent slot (5 days ago) <Kevin Funk>
* ed5448b - Minor: Remove annoying debug output (SqlRegistry) (5 days ago) <Kevin Funk>
* d21bab5 - Fix playlist tooltip getting too tall (5 days ago) <Kevin Funk>
* cb86a84 - Make equalizer keywords (dB, kHz, ..) translatable (5 days ago) <Kevin Funk>
* fbb54ff - Remove unused (+useless) PNGs from src/data (5 days ago) <Kevin Funk>
* 8098b22 - Unbreak Equalizer presets API a bit (5 days ago) <Kevin Funk>
* 471f0ac - Minor: Prettify ChangeLog (5 days ago) <Kevin Funk>
* 1170062 - Fix regression introduced by 34163f8 (5 days ago) <Kevin Funk>
* bb5c2f9 - Remove some outdated documents from docs/ (5 days ago) <Kevin Funk>
* 34163f8 - Make preset names translatable (5 days ago) <Kevin Funk>
* 66ef047 - Add script error reporting at runtime (6 days ago) <Kevin Funk>
* 34bbda9 - Minor: Improve debug output (6 days ago) <Kevin Funk>
* 82d102b - Fix "Happy" moodbar theme (6 days ago) <Kevin Funk>
* fcc420c - Fix crash by invalid scripts during stop phase (6 days ago) <Kevin Funk>
* 3157057 - Minor: Header/include cleanup (6 days ago) <Kevin Funk>
* 0406303 - Remove leftovers from a5628ac (6 days ago) <Kevin Funk>
* 6d93167 - Fix collection context menu items ordering (7 days ago) <Kevin Funk>
* f6799cd - Header cleanup starting from CollectionTreeView (7 days ago) <Kevin Funk>
* e902c44 - Minor: Rename hintlineedit(cpp|h) to HintLineEdit (7 days ago) <Kevin Funk>
* 76e9be8 - Fix strings in status bar (7 days ago) <Kevin Funk>
* 5eb2862 - Move the playlist length info into the playlist (7 days ago) <Kevin Funk>
* cae9d5a - Minor: Rearrange some code (8 days ago) <Kevin Funk>
* 8879afd - Remove outdated handbook/ directory (8 days ago) <Kevin Funk>
* 36ca680 - Remove stale OXYGEN file (8 days ago) <Kevin Funk>
* 48023de - Remove unused class ExpandingControlsWidget (8 days ago) <Kevin Funk>
* f524292 - Replace some other "LastFM" strings (8 days ago) <Kevin Funk>
* b72b933 - Fix crash when accessing The::statusBar() (9 days ago) <Kevin Funk>


PS: We (Team Amarok) also managed to win the Randa foosball cup 2011, by rocking all the other teams. Team Amarok consisted of Bart and me. Evidence can be found in the picture attached!



PPS: A nice picture collection of the event in Randa can be found here: https://picasaweb.google.com/valorie.zimmerman/RandaSwitzerlandKDESprint - Thanks to valorie for sharing and commenting all the pictures!